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Pedro Martín Molina

Pedro Martín Molina
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Fiscal planning is an essential component of any business plan. We anticipate the needs of clients and offer creative and practical solutions for greatest optimization of the tax options available to companies, according their size and area of activity.

Our attorneys have broad experience with national and international groups, with close ties to the SME community, and are also university professors and researchers. Experience and consistently updated expertise enables us to build the comprehensive, value added, custom-made solutions that best serve client needs.

Corporate Taxes
We work closely with clients, providing advice and/or drawing up their individual and consolidated corporate tax statements and informing of payments due. As part of our Corporate Tax planning service we provide a detailed description of tax deductions and rebates that lower the company´s tax burden.

Our services in this area include:

  • Tax Management Audit
  • Individual and consolidated financial statements; corporate tax payment.
  • Fiscal year-end closing, with analysis of tax credits and offsets due to company or group.
  • Fiscal consolidation and special corporate tax regimes.
  • Advice on non-resident income tax and Double Taxation Conventions.
  • Advice on drafting questions to National Tax Authorities.
  • Transfer Costs: Study and drafting of documents required by tax authorities on related-party transactions.

Value Added Tax (VAT), Customs and indirect taxation.
Proper planning regarding indirect taxation can lower company tax burden. Our services in this regard serve a dual purpose: Identify and avoid tax risk in Spain and abroad, and foster tax savings by identifying tax breaks, an especially important aspect given the volume of VAT paid. We concentrate on absolute savings and on long-run financial market savings.

The following services are offered:

  • Advice/preparation of quarterly and year-end VAT statements.
  • Consolidated Group VAT.
  • International trade: EU and customs
  • Inheritance Tax, planning and legal documents.

Personal income tax
Full personal income tax services focused on three interrelated areas: Personal Withholding Tax (IRPF), Personal Net Worth (IP), and Inheritance and Gift Tax (ISD), international mobility and retribution/compensation to company executives and personnel.

Tax-related services include the following areas:

  • Planning, advice, and filing of personal withholding and personal net worth tax statements.
  • Tax planning high net worth individuals.
  • Design and implementation of flexible employee compensation plans.
  • Tax planning and management for impatriots and expatriots.
  • Tax planning and succession protocols for family-owned companies.
  • Executive remuneration: Systems.
  • Inheritance and Gift Tax

Tax-Related Procedures
Our team has ample experience representing clients before tax and judicial authorities, from economic-administrative procedures through all levels of contentious administrative procedures.

Services include the following:

  • Administration and collection procedures with Office of the Public Treasury: Taxpayer e-data available from authorities. Filing of forms to request tax exemptions, deferrals, and installment payment.
  • Advice and legal representation during local, regional and national tax inspections.
  • Economic-administrative actions and petitions in municipal, regional AC and national court.
  • Contentious-administrative actions, appeals all courts and instances.
  • Appeals Supreme Court and EU Court of Justice
  • Penal Economic Law

Downsizing operations
Our team provides seamless end-to-end assistance in downsizings, mergers, splits, share swaps and sales. We study the tax situation of the companies involved in sales and acquisitions to identify and advise on existing and potential synergies, (tax credits, tax differed and tax paid).

A short list of our restructuring advisory services:

  • End-to-end assistance during merges, splits, share swaps, division of assets and liabilities, and the tax-neutral possibilities for these.
  • Prior advisory on tax aspects and tax value potential.
  • Design of tax effective investment/divestment procedures. Implementation during acquisition and supervision of compliance with obligations arising thereof.
  • Analysis and follow-up, tax status and due diligence of companies acquiring and acquired, to identify and/or quantify tax risk and contingencies.
  • Advice and support during negotiations regarding statements and tax guarantees.
  • Advice on company tax strategies.

Local taxes
Our team has extensive experience in municipal tax advisory and management: Corporate (IAE), Property (IBI), Construction Installations and Works (ICIO), and the IIVTNU, commonly known as the municipal capital gains tax.