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Pedro Martín Molina

Pedro Martín Molina
Tel. (+34) 91 758 75 12

Patricia Hernández Morrós

Patricia Hernández Morrós
Tel. (+34) 91 758 75 12

A firm dedicated to Insolvency Administration and litigation, with forensic experts in accounting and trade law.

Founded and managed by Insolvency Administrator, Pedro Martín Molina, an economist, attorney, accounts auditor, forensic accountant and auditor, member of the National Association of Forensic Experts Mediators and Arbitrators, and of professional associations ROAC, REGA, REFOR and ECID, Martín Molina is a tenured professor, with 15 years hands-on experience in the field.

The firm has ten years experience in trade law and provision of solution-focused strategies in pre-filing negotiations, insolvency litigation, restructuring and downsizing.

A decade of service in insolvency procedures throughout Spain, has enabled clients to make informed decisions on matters of major economic impact for their companies.

LEGAL Y ECONÓMICO, ADMINISTRADORES CONCURSALES, S.L.P. has a staff of 20 economic, court, accounting, tax and mercantile law experts, of recognized academic and professional prestige. The firm has its own training program led by working professionals in each of the fields, whose expertise enables us to inspire and build upon our in-house talent.


  • Pre-filing advice and situational studies.
  • Feasibility studies for refinancing operations.
  • Drafting of Insolvency Report, and follow-up throughout all stages of the insolvency process: General, contract, labor, liquidation and final rating.
  • Supporting documents on company financial status for downsizing procedures.
  • Representation of creditors affected by insolvency/bankruptcy procedures.
  • Comprehensive assistance in all bankruptcy insolvency matters.


Assistance and response to company needs through every step of bankruptcy insolvency proceedings.

  • Feasibility plans.
  • Cost-efficiency improvements.
  • Overhead and Cash-Flow management.
  • Refinancing.
  • Advice in situations of imminent and current insolvency.
  • Liquidations, closures and splits.
  • Interim Management.