From its International Law Area, Legal y Económico offers tax advice and support to Spanish companies in their international projects. We also advise clients on tax planning for investments of non-residents of Spain (Double Taxation Conventions); tax planning in company restructuring operations; advice during acquisitions and sales; tax reviews (Due Diligence); tax planning in cession of intangible assets; review of documentary obligations in related party transactions (transfer prices) and tax planning for foreign workers and nationals stationed abroad.

  • Our services also include:
  • Comprehensive advisory services before public bodies and administrations for tender process strategy
  • Positioning in private projects as promoters, investors or developers
  • Presentation in international sector specific Markets and Fairs
  • Monitoring of lines of credit, support to SMEs in internationalization (ICO, CESCE, Aval Madrid),…)
  • Import, export and intracommunity exchange operational aspects, customs processes, etc.
  • Advice to foreigners investing in second residence/vacation homes (sale contracts, new construction permits)
  • Inheritances, acceptance and acquisition of inherited property located in Spain
  • Establishment of Spanish mercantile companies by foreigners
  • Recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments and other, issued by courts and foreign authorities
  • Tax and accounting services Spanish companies established by foreigners
  • Compliance with formal obligations before the Bank of Spain and the State regarding commercial operations abroad

For all of the above, we work closely with our tax area to determine the most appropriate company and/or investment structure, to take advantage of any savings on local and international taxes provided for under the law for the individual project type.

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