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Pedro Martín Molina

Pedro Martín Molina
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This area, advises corporate clients on dealings with national and international banks; contracts with financial entities and credit institutions, savings banks, investment firms and insurance companies.


Among the range of services offered to companies are:

  • Assistance across all stages of the company: incorporation, dissolution and liquidation and comprehensive accounts management.
  • Company by-law amendments, capital expansion/reduction, board member appointments, powers of attorney.
  • Non-board member Secretary to Board of Directors, legal advisory.
  • Legal advice: incorporation, dissolution and liquidation of companies, foundations and branch offices.
  • Contract law and negotiation family-owned companies.
  • Executive retribution and compensation schemes.
  • Company Reorganization: Advice and proposals on design, implementation and execution (mergers, splits, spin-offs, non-monetary compensation, share exchanges, agreements asset and liability divisions, etc.). including new company registration in Trade Registry, with seamless multidisciplinary assistance throughout.
  • Legal advice and due diligence on inter-company contracts.
  • Negotiation and shareholder agreements: Agreements with reconstituted majority; restrictions on shareholder sales; governance, administrative bodies, selection and management; dividend policy, de-blockage clauses.
  • Advice on agreements with partners, share-holders and others.
  • Legal liability actions against administrators, challenge of agreements and decisions by company and Board of Directors.
  • Drafting and negotiations of mercantile contracts: Assistance in contract drafting and negotiations, terms and clauses; advice on language employed.
  • We study and interpret contracts, and issue our legal opinion on validity, scope, content, and the language employed in clauses, noting any aspects subject to interpretation.


Among the principal services provided are:

  • Advice on Regulatory Law: prevention of money laundering; personal data protection
  • Insurance, pension plans, securities and exchange market.
  • Contract drafting; advice on bank product contracts
  • Corporate documents Board of Directors and Shareholders´ Meetings; examination and confirmation of powers of attorney
  • Supplier, outsourcing, and agent representation contracts
  • Bank guarantees and documentary credits
  • Relations with National Securities and Exchange Commission and General Insurance Directorate
  • Consumer banking advice: Factoring, leasing, renting, confirming, asset and foreign trade financing
  • LEGAL Y ECONÓMICO also provides legal advice on traditional and innovative bank products such as IPFs, IICs, index linked guaranteed deposits, preferential shares, interest rate hedges, SWAPs, mortgage agreement floor clauses, warrants
  • Legal advice on payment in lieu and debt renegotiation.

The quality and response times of these services have earned the trust and loyalty of clients. Our broad knowledge and expert professionals enable us to advise clients across the full range of mercantile practice.