Legal y Económico´s team of attorneys has over 25 years of experience assisting clients in and out of court.

Efforts of our firm focus on advising clients on conflict prevention and representing them when conflicts arising in their relations with the private sector and with Public Administrations. When satisfactory agreements cannot be reached in prior negotiations and litigation becomes inevitable, our legal defense team has the experience and vision to see clients through court proceedings, start to finish. Our attorneys provide timely and effective assistance to companies and individuals in both in-court and out-of-court proceedings.

  • Our Procedural Law Department works consistently throughout legal proceedings to find solutions that defend client interests and are satisfactory to both parties, within the shortest time possible.
  • Court filings/ complaints for non-payment, non-delivery of goods and services, defective merchandise, breach of contract and damages.
  • Full or partial contract cancellation procedures, contract amendment and elimination of conditions and clauses deemed abusive or in bad faith.
  • Breach of contract and damages applicable for said breach.
  • Breach of written, verbal, and ongoing tacit consent agreements; renegotiation and redrafting of contractual transactional agreements.

Execution of court orders, decisions and hearings, out-of-court court agreements, notarial recognition of debts and guarantees, rapid effective collection of bounced checks and unpaid bills of exchange.
Legal y Ecónomico attorneys advise and assist clients regarding the language employed in the company´s routine documents, and also drafts documents such as contracts, negotiation agreements, and compacts, in language that ensures that the duties, obligations and liability assumed by the parties are clearly stated.

Today, many companies whose main line of business does not necessarily involve pursuing government contracts are increasingly finding themselves in contract agreements as direct or indirect commercial partners with government bodies and agencies, and need legal advice to defend their interests.

Our attorneys are highly experienced in government and public administration contracts. We guide clients through all stages (ex-ante to ex-post) of contracts with municipal, autonomous community, national government contracts and of supervision and control bodies, including appeals on sanctions and representation in court.

  • Any contract with a government agency requires prior assessment. First, by the potential contractor to determine the overall cost/benefit ratio of the contract per se, and second, by attorneys, to check the legal language, obligations involved and recourse available.
  • Legal defense contesting performance penalties and fines; legal assistance throughout appeal processes; filings and on-site defense in all court proceedings.
  • Complaints and appeals by private entities and individuals against to government agency acts or resolutions, for intentional or inadvertent violation of rights.
  • Assistance throughout public tender processes, contracts, and challenges of awards made to third parties.